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We’re a software and game development company specialising in immersive XR technologies based in Cornwall.

Find out more about how you can level up your business with apps and immersive by getting in touch.

Creative & Impactful
Mobile Apps

Creative & Impactful
Mobile Apps

We develop impactful applications for mobile Apple iOS App Store, Android Google Play and cloud-based apps for web browsers.

We’re experts in cross-platform, developing apps that work across multiple devices, displays and platforms. 

Add value to your app with gamification, augmented reality and expert consultation from our immersive development team. 

N-Coders Logo

App development for iOS, Android and Web

Cross-Platform Experts

We can develop for iOS, Android and web in parallel. Saving time, costs and ensuring compatibility.

UI & UX Creatives

Our in-house digital designers are experienced in creating stunning visuals and flawless app design. 


Increase engagement, motivation and retention with the power of gamification for apps. 

Augmented Reality

We’re XR specialists and skilled in the integration of AR into app development.

Mobile Applications

For iOS and Android

Applications for Apple iOS App Store, Android Google Play and Internet of Things devices.

We’re experienced in developing apps that are cross-platform, evolving the same app for export to multiple devices at the same time for maximum efficiency.



Creative Applications

Bespoke app development and publishing for iOS and Google Play Store. We develop feature-rich applications boasting geolocation, AR and push notifications. We’re UI and UX experts, able to consult on visuals and functions for the best user experience. 

Client & Team Portals

Create a custom portal for your clients or team. Dedicated logins protect restricted data, bespoke dashboards and content to fit your needs and harness the power of automation to increase efficiency. 

Increase Engagement with Gamification

Adding game mechanics to applications is a proven way to increase engagement, motivation and retention. 

Rewards & Collectables

Encourage repeat use and influence interaction with rewards and collectables. Virtual rewards can be converted to real prizes. 

Quizzes & Competition

Boost engagement with polls, quizzes and competitions. Perfect for learning apps, market research and community applications. 

Progress & Leaderboards

Increase retention with progress tracking and boost even further with a link to rewards. Add competition and encourage sharing of your app with leaderboard rankings. 

Web Applications

Apps for any web browser

We design and develop cloud-based applications that are accessible from any web browser. Made for easy access, web apps are popular for business applications, databases and customer portals.

We’ve developed a range of web apps including CRMs, fintech apps, manufacturing applications and dashboards.

A huge benefit of web apps is that they don’t have a strict developer publishing protocol to follow so that updates can be pushed live almost instantly. They’re typically lower cost to develop than dedicated OS apps due to them being on one platform.


Cornwall Explorers

Location-Based Augmented Reality App

Cornwall Explorers is an augmented reality mobile game app developed by n-Coders. Become a Cornwall Explorer and embark on a virtual treasure hunt and earn achievement badges.

Designed to be fun, engaging and player-centred, Cornwall Explorers immerses users in a digital treasure hunt, unearthing the heritage, history and amazing places Cornwall has to offer.

Video of a mars rover appearing and moving on the surface of mars
VR Animated Headset

Specialists in virtual and augmented reality technologies for gaming, training, business and industry.

App Development Animation

Intelligent, beautiful custom applications for web, desktop and mobile including iOS and Android.

Software Outsourcing Animation

We can assemble specialist developers and dedicated teams tailored for your project.

Game Development Animation

Player-centred game design and development for PC, XR and mobile using Unity and Unreal engines.

Embedded Systems Animation

Embedded software for advanced embedded systems, IoT products and bespoke hardware.

Digital Art Animation

3D and 2D digital environments, models, rigging, animation and interactive concepting.

Consultation Animation, Moving Text Boxes

Consultation, all phases of product development and speaking at events.

Product Box Animation

Find out more about our products including VR apps, ERP system and gamification apps.