Apps for Tourism & Attractions

Apps for Tourism & Attractions

With 82% of the UK using smartphones, apps have a huge reach and benefit in increasing customer experience and transforming tourism and attractions businesses.

Enhancing Customer Experience

For tourist attractions across large sites or with multiple areas of interest, integrating a map or tour into your app not only improves the customer experience but also increases time spent at the location. Maps can be as simple as an illustrated image or become far more immersive, with location tracking, directions and interactive markers. For attractions seeking the most interactive experience for their customers, consider adding a digital tour and augmented reality.

Apps don’t just enhance your attractions, they can be one themselves. Creating digital activities is an effortless way to add a new experience for your customers with no physical changes required to your location. Create digital trails to follow with virtual collectables on the way, use augmented reality to breathe new life into existing attractions or even create your own on-location game like Pokemon Go, combining AR technology with the physical environment.

Customer Insights

Tickets and memberships can be handled digitally through an app, even linking with Apple Wallet or Google Pay to store for future use. Handling tickets digitally which are linked to user accounts makes insights easy, with information available on the frequency of visits and the ability to segment your customers based on user information.

Apps have the ability to track customer behaviour, offering unique insights and data. Track how customers move through an attraction or total time spent. Location triggered notifications can even request feedback at set locations to form part of customer research.

Upselling & Marketing

With apps being easily connected to payment methods like Apple Pay or Google Pay, there is the option of selling within the app. Since the Covid-19 pandemic, the expectation of utilising technology for tourism such as mobile ordering is higher than ever. Improve the customer experience and increase sales, especially in relation to food purchases where mobile ordering has become standard. Additional uses could include selling tickets or memberships for longer time periods via the app. A common form of upselling for tourist attractions is the option to upgrade your ticket on the day of your visit, with an app this could be automated and available to customers at all times.

Apps also give the opportunity to push notifications to users for marketing purposes. This might include discounts for future visits or even exclusive offers whilst being on location. Encourage the use of push notifications for marketing by pairing them with service updates, for example, changes to attraction opening times.

How can apps transform your business?

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