AR for Marketing Campaigns

AR for Marketing Campaigns

From virtual fitting rooms to interactive billboard ads, AR enhances your marketing campaigns to be more immersive and engaging than traditional advertising.

AR provides an opportunity to showcase your product or service in 3D whilst also being able to be integrated with the real-world environment.

Higher Engagement & Return on Ad Spend

A recent survey showed that AR ads received a better reception than other digital formats. They showed a higher level of engagement and a higher return on ad spend over traditional digital advertising. In fact, it showed a 3.79 increase in return on ad spend.

Unique Opportunities

AR provides unique opportunities to showcase services or products. Paint manufacturers can use it to transform a customers room digitally before they even pick up a brush, furniture suppliers to place furniture virtually in physical rooms or AR mirrors for shoppers to try on clothes without needing an outfit change.

Higher Retention through Interactive Experiences

Without additional technology like AR, static ads like billboards or displays only have a short customer retention time. AR gives more opportunity for retention through adding content accessible from their phone. Bring ads alive and give more information, interactive experiences and call-to-actions direct to their smart device.

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