Augmented Reality Apps for Business

Augmented Reality Apps for Business

Augmented reality (more commonly shortened to AR) is a technology that superimposes digital elements onto the user’s view of the real world. There are many ways to do this including AR headsets/glasses, AR screens and the most common, AR apps for mobile.

An AR app for placing furniture in users room.

Product Demonstrations and Mockups

One of the most popular ways manufacturers and retailers use augmented reality is in product demonstrations and mockups. The paint manufacturer Dulux launched their Visualizer App which uses augmented reality to show what their paint colours would look like in your room using only a mobile phone. IKEA launched IKEA Place, an augmented reality app that allows users to virtually place IKEA objects in their room.

AR app allowing users to superimpose home interiors in their homes.

Attraction Tours & Maps

Tourism businesses can benefit from augmented reality enhancing the visitor experience, extending time spent and encouraging repeat visits.

Google created their own augmented reality experience for Google Maps, overlaying directions onto the real-world environment. This technology can be utilised in your business is set over a large area, guiding your visitors through set paths or towards defined attractions.

Augmented reality can create immersive experiences on self-guided tours, AR can even be used to make hologram tour guides! Visitors on a self-tour could be given directions around an attraction, getting more information when pointing their camera at different displays.

AR app bringing a physical model to life digitally.

Interactive Exhibitions & Displays

The National Museum of Singapore launched their immersive installation Story of the Forest, which used an app to obtain information on animals seen in the forest and collected them in an encyclopedia.

Pokemon Go, a popular AR game for mobile.

Games & Gamification

One of the most well-known uses of VR in recent news was the phenomenon of Pokemon Go, an AR mobile reimagining of the pokemon games. Integrating a game or gamification into your business app can increase customer retention especially in tourism industries. Customers could have to use an AR app to tour the location to find collectables that are displayed over the real-world environment.

How to Get Started with AR

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