Software and Virtual Worlds

I often wonder when and how we will visit other planets in the galaxy, yet over the past few years humanity has begun creating virtual worlds »

Our game continues...

Waaaaay back in 1983, a game called Bugaboo the Flea was released for the ZX Spectrum (Ported to the Amstrad CPC as Roland in the Caves) »

Thoughts on Artificial Intelligence

People have always had fascination with AI, and it is interesting that machines with human like intelligence have always been predicted to be around within 30 »

Our Server Support Offering

*Yes! That's our Server Monitor wall, capable of detecting a problem faster than you can make a cup of tea. Here at n-Coders we are committed »

The War Room

In 2016, n-Coders will be running simulated attacks and disasters for customers who have support contracts with us. There is no need to worry: we won't »