Continuing BITC (Now – Sparky’s Quest)


My name is William, and I am currently studying for my GCSE’s. I have worked at n-Coders for a while now however have never had the need to create a post. I have an interest in developing interfaces and managing servers.

For the next few weeks I will be reviewing the game started by Ethan and making minor changes to the physics and design of the game. I am continuing on from the beta version I was presented with upon starting the project, so I also had to redo some features which had been broken.

I began last week by attempting to get a working version of the game, to do this I had to fix the background size, so it would work on 1080p screens, and fix the collisions in the game as the player can potentially walk through the ground or into a wall. This lead me to another couple of issues, it was near impossible for the character to be able to escape the cave as the design of the background wouldn’t allow it. For a while I worked around this aspect, as I was more interested in getting the game running smoothly that I was making it easier for the player.

The first minor background change was the correction of the angle, having been drawn by hand there was a slight angle on the image, which could lead to annoyance in some users. After spending the couple of hours getting to know how to use Construct 2 (the framework behind the game) I then started adding a couple extra features and sorting out the win / fail pages. Also, by adding an introduction screen it would make playing the game cleaner and easier as they user would be able to know what to do, without the instructions being constantly on their screen.

My next steps are going to be enhancing the images used for sprites, backgrounds and enemies, along with that I will also be developing the interfaces of the loading screen, menu and win/lose screens. A feature that I will also be developing, if I have the time to do so, will be a timer, so that players have the ability to beat their scores (When you can actually win the game). This has the potential to be developed, once I have left for my exams, so that there is a scoreboard of everyone who wishes to submit their score.

Due to a technical issue with computers, I have been unable to make large progress today, however with the upcoming days I should be able to make progress in the design and introduce a game timer.

15/04/16 – As of now, I will be ceasing development of this game due to the fact that I need to take the next 11 weeks off due to GCSE exams that I am putting a lot of effort into. I have optimised the game, and added quite a few features over the last month, and I must say that I have enjoyed seeing different ways games would be used. All the information below is up to date, so you can see my progress. When I get back, i will end developing it in Construct2, due to the fact that the project file seems to have corrupted / broken.

The current version of the game is: No Longer Available

However, you can access previous versions of the game below. 
1.0 – No Longer Available 
2.0 – No Longer Available 
3.0 – No Longer Available 
3.1 – No Longer Available

Release Notes 
1.0 – Default game which Ethan created, unstable but working. 
2.0 – Updated collision boxes, along with improved physics and slight performance tweaks. This version replaced the older version due to a file mis-match. 2.0 also introduced a working game menu, win and lose screen, along with an introduction screen informing the user what to do. 
3.0 – Minor changes to speed of the characters, to increase the chance of dying. Adjusted the win area and created a view area. 
3.1 – Tiny changes, and game optimisation. Creation for other platforms.