Gamification for Businesses

Gamification for Businesses

What is gamification?

Gamification is using aspects of video game design and mechanics within a non-game context to increase engagement and motivation.

How can it benefit businesses?

Gamification creates a fun and immersive experience, increasing engagement and customer satisfaction.

Customer retention and encouraging repeat visits can be difficult without offering ongoing change and incentive. Gamification offers an easily accessible way to add new experiences, reward and motivation for your customers.

Gamification in Education

Adding mechanics of games into education is an effective tool to increase engagement and motivate students.

Adding badges, reward systems and tables gives motivation for completing tasks and increasing effort. Whilst competitions are one example, they can be based on personal objectives to remove any issues with balancing whole class ability.

Gamification in Leisure

AR applications add an immersive experience to your leisure business, increasing the amount of time spent at attractions. For example, a museum could have an app, powered by AR, that as you approached an exhibition it could come to life.

Gamification also adds the benefit of being adaptable and will evolve to offer new experiences and add ongoing interest. Increase return customers with reward systems, exclusive discounts and interactive content.

Gamification in Fitness and Health

Studies have shown that gamification not only improves attitude towards fitness but also increases the length of time engaged in exercise.

A simple example that most people know of is something like Wii Fit or Nintendo Switch’s Ring Fit Adventure. They’re presented as games powered by fitness, so not as subtle as other forms of gamification but use the same design and mechanics to motivate and reward.

A simpler version of gamification in fitness is something like Google Fit or Fitbit Challenges. Both offer achievements the more steps or movement you exert, giving the motivation to reach targets and to continue to increase fitness.

Businesses within the fitness and health industry can benefit from gamification by creating their own apps with core game mechanics. By adding mechanics like rewards, leaderboards and challenges they can increase customer engagement, retention and attitude towards fitness.

Gamification in HR & Company Culture

Motivating employees is easy with gamification. Offer rewards, achievements and immersive ways to perform tasks that would otherwise be considered mundane.

Google used gamification within their travel expenses system and achieved 100% employee compliance. Objective Logistics software, Muse, rewards staff for great performance determined by data such as sales. This proved to be an incentive for workers, resulting in an increase in sales.

Gamification for Your Business

At n-Coders we are experienced in the consultation, design and development of gamification systems for all businesses. To find out more on how gamification can help your business, get in touch.