Gamify your Leisure & Tourism App

Gamify your Leisure & Tourism App

We’ve talked about the benefits of gamification for businesses in the past and how it increases engagment and customer satisfaction. The leisure and tourism industry provides the perfect platform for gamification, using creativity and fun to enhance the customer experience.

What is Gamification?

Gamification is the process of adding elements of game mechanics into non-game applications with the aim of increasing engagement and motivation to reach goals. Common examples include rewards/achievements, progress bars and leaderboards.

Digital Interactive Attractions

Create your own attractions or enhance the ones you already have using the power of gamification apps. Your customers can use their smart phones to unlock new experiences and provide information in a creative and engaging format.

Upgrade your digital attraction even further with the power of augmented reality (AR) to combine the digital and physical world.

Rewards, Achievements & Collectables

Encourage repeat visits and customer retention with achievements and collectables. For extra motivation, attatch these to rewards and exclusive discounts.

Popular examples include earning points when visiting attractions or locations, with certain values earning rewards such as discounted tickets or discounts in shops.

To encourage customers to return, create achievements and digital collectibles that can only be collected when attending at different times of the year or with a higher number of visits.

Ineractive Maps & Exploration Experiences

Interactive maps are a creative and helpful way for you to highlight attractions and facilities at your location. With gamification, interactive maps can be enhanced further by adding rewards for exploration.

Allow users to tap elements on the maps to bring up more information and obtain directions from their location. If your location has attractions with wait times or closure times, you can even link them in the map so customers are aware of waits before moving to an attraction.

Combine rewards and interactive maps together and create your own digital passport with check-ins at locations earning virtual stamps.

Virtual Queues and Waiting Games

Everyone hates waiting in line but for popular attractions it can be a necessity. Overhaul the waiting experience and integrate virtual queues and waiting games into your app. Your customers can enjoy the rest your location has to offer whilst waiting virtually and will be able to return at their allocated time. Gamification offers creative outlets to showing this with animations showing progress in the queue

For queues that can’t be done virtually, consider adding an in-app experience to make the wait a better experience for your customers. Waiting games can be web-app-based to keep your app size smaller or be integrated into the app. They can be themed for the attraction or even include the waiting environment itself, linking interactive leaderboards and elements throughout the line.

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