How VR can upgrade your business

Man in VR headset

How VR can upgrade your business

Virtual Reality (VR) uses a headset to immerse you into an entirely virtual world. When most people think of VR, they think of gaming, but in reality it can provide real value to your business across a wide range of applications.

Show your products through technology 

VR or even AR are fantastic tools to showcase your products even when it’s not possible to bring them with you. Whether you’re selling a house or a clothing range, VR provides an immersive experience to showcase your products using only a headset.

Training & Education 

VR allows you to create a training environment that prepares employees for high-stress or uncommon scenarios that would be difficult or unsafe to recreate in the real world. Oculus Business reported a 233% increase in improvement in performance from using VR training in comparison to traditional methods.  

Remote Collaboration 

With a rise in remote working or teams being split worldwide, VR provides the opportunity to enter a virtual office with the putting on of a headset. Maximise on the capabilities of your virtual office by including 3d screen sharing and virtual whiteboarding. 


Allow customers to walk through your product or service without taking a physical step. We’ve created a VR experience where a customer can try out an entire range of large products with only the act of putting on a headset, maximising the amount of exposure your products can get and enabling you to travel light when attending trade shows or demos.

Immersive experiences 

VR can captivate an audience and provide a uniquely engaging experience. VR is even being used in e-Health to provide escapism from the traditional healthcare environment, reducing anxiety and stress.  


From virtual art installations and galleries to tours of luxury apartments, VR can create a virtual recreation of both an existing venue or even one that’s completely theoretical. Examples include VR tours of property developments, hotels or even travel destinations.