DT-X / IPExpo Recap

Digital Transformation Expo Europe

On Wednesday the 9th of October, a member of the n-Coders remote team was sent to attend DT-X (formerly IPExpo Europe) on behalf of the company to gain valuable insights into the world of cybersecurity and cloud computing.

Please be aware that we will briefly cover some of the events going on at DT-X and the areas in which n-Coders is most interested. If you’re looking to learn information or in-depth details about the event, we recommend that the best way to do that is by simply attending the event in 2020! It’s free to attend and should be necessary for business professionals working with IT services to attend to gain insights and information.

The day for the n-Coders rep started by attending the main keynote, presented by Sir John Sawers, former chief of the secret intelligence agency (MI6). Sir John gave a talk covering security, intelligence and threats have been and will be developing through the continuous improvement of technology. The topic of state-sponsored hacking and IoT threats were also identified, in addition to how threats can harm businesses operating within the United Kingdom, even those that were not the original or intended target of an attack.

Another talk that the n-Coders rep attended during the day was given by a representative of Extreme Networks, Mathew Edwards. Mathew’s talk covered a vast range of data and statistics that had been collected by his company while providing a variety of security and network-related services to all sizes of businesses. The statistics shared will be used internally here at n-Coders to ensure the areas where faults most commonly occur have measures put in place to secure them up as much as possible.

Other than attending talks, the rep was also able to visit and network with a range of businesses at the expo. The connections made during this time will be invaluable in the future of n-Coders as we expand, improve and develop as a business. If you’re at the event next year, we’ll see you there!