Our Fire Extinguisher Training App in Virtual Reality

Our Fire Extinguisher Training App in Virtual Reality

One of the biggest barriers to effective fire safety training is that it’s difficult to recreate in a way that’s immersive but also safe. Using Virtual Reality eliminates risk whilst providing a highly immersive experience replicating real-world scenarios.

Our VR Fire Training App provides an immersive and engaging training experience whilst also having the ability to cut costs for business users compared to traditional training.

Why Fire Safety Training?

Gov.uk list one of the criteria of fire safety in the workplace being to have fire safety instruction and training. One of the difficulties with providing effective training is that it’s impossible to replicate the exact situation safely or without huge cost and simulation. A brilliant alternative to provide an immersive realistic experience is training in virtual reality, digitally simulating the same situation that the training is related to.

Our VR Fire Extinguisher Training

Our fire extinguisher training demo uses virtual reality for an immersive training experience. With hand tracking technology, users need to use the actual movements as they would in a real-world application making it far more realistic than other virtual training guides.

Users of the n-Coders VR Fire Extinguisher Training app are taken through the steps required to safely put out a fire uing a fire extinguisher. They’re then put into a situation where they need to test those steps themselves. Users can pick up the fire extinguisher, pull the pin, aim at the fire and pull the trigger to spray.

Later versions of the fire extinguisher training will include different scenarios (testing each fire extinguisher type), timed trials and digital certification.

A Sustainable & Affordable Solution

One of our ongoing company goals is to become more sustainable. Traditional training may require unnecessary travel or paper products. The latest VR headsets are both affordable and portable, giving an easy solution to training remote workers.

VR training can also cut training costs significantly. Instead of sending all team members to paid courses each time with associated expenses, businesses can instead stock VR headsets and software to reuse with team members as necessary.

Try VR Training

Are you a business looking to integrate VR in your training? Get in touch! Our expert VR developers can consult on the best VR solution for your business and develop immersive training solutions. We have a selection of VR headsets we’re able to hire out and offer demos of our own apps.

Watch Our Fire Extinguisher VR Demo

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