Our game continues…

As a training project for new starters we get them to work on a game where the objective is for a character (provisionally named Roland), to escape a mine which for excitement, is home to a prehistoric pterodactyl. The development is partitioned into two area, game mechanics and character modelling.

Two models have now been completed: the player character, and the enemy pterodactyl.

The player character

Below is both the player, animated as it will appear in game. The game is intended to be a modern take on an 80’s classic, so we want to initially appear to be 2D, but with the lighting and movement benefits we get from a 3D model.

The enemy!

Here is a screenshot of the pterodactyl in Blender with a coloured render.

Next steps…

In parallel we’ve been working on the game mechanics, so next it’s to see how the models can be integrated into the game.