The advantages of bespoke software

At n-Coders we specialise in writing bespoke applications for businesses. We often find that businesses spend a lot of time making do with general purpose software because they perceive bespoke software as expensive or difficult to produce.

Let’s take the example of a business that has ten employees, and spends £100 / month on a general purpose business application.

A question you could ask is, could a software application tailored specifically for that business save each employee 10 minutes every hour? 10 minutes for ten employees could equate to over 11.5 man hours saved each day, or put another way 58 hours per week (equivalent to one and a half employees).

In our experience bespoke software is very likely to save each user more than 10 minutes an hour, whilst at the same time reducing both staff training time and the likelihood of mistakes. The software, has been designed with you in mind, for the specific needs of your business.

For a bespoke piece of software there are often no licensing costs, in contrast to the licensing ongoing fees of most general purpose software.

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