Virtual Reality for Schools & Education

Virtual Reality for Schools and Education

With virtual reality, the possibilities for immersive education are practically endless. Students can be transported anywhere or any time to immersive environments by simply putting on a headset.

Immersive Learning Without Boundaries

Whether it’s visiting the Pyramids in Ancient Egypt or blasting off into space, environments that would be impossible to explore for students in real life are only a headset away with VR. Students can become archaeologists during history lessons or visit famous galleries worldwide during art lessons. VR takes away the boundaries of travel, cost and even time.

Engaging & Interactive Learning

One of the boundaries to education for kinesthetic or tactile learners can be the lack of opportunity to engage practically in some subjects. VR doesn’t only immerse students in virtual environments but can also replicate scenarios to work through. With new technology like hand-tracking students can even use their hands rather than controllers for a more realistic experience.

Affordable & Portable

As technology advances, VR headsets are becoming much more affordable than you may think with some available at under £300 a unit. Due to their small form, VR headsets are easily stored and transported for portability, allowing a smaller number of headsets to be used across different classrooms, schools or even larger academy groups for example.

Get Started with VR for Education

n-Coders provides a VR consultation service for schools and education. We can advise, source and develop the best VR equipment and software to meet your curriculum requirements and budget. Get in touch to find out more.