Why outsourced is the best software solution

Cost Saving 

Compared to an in-house developer or team, outsourcing can save you money both in the short-term and long-term. We’re software experts, so can identify and nurture the best talent. Compared to the hiring, management and training of in-house developers, outsourcing can be a better value use of your budget. 

Access to a Multi-Talented Team 

At n-Coders, we’re proud to be a multi-talented software development company. As opposed to most traditional software companies who may only focus on one sector of software, we have specialists across specialisms including full-stack, embedded, games, digital art and web technologies. This allows us to collaborate on complex projects seamlessly compared to needed to subcontract.  

Reduced Risk & Greater Flexibility 

With outsourced development projects, you only pay for projects when you need them. Our contracts and accreditations guarantee the quality of the product to remove the element of risk.  

Dedicated Focus 

By outsourcing your software development you are safe in the knowledge your project is receiving the required dedicated focus it requires.

At the Forefront of Technical Advancements 

As a company solely focused on software and technology, we’re always pushing forward to be forward-thinking, investing in research and development of new technologies.  

n-Coders provide multi-talented outsourced software to businesses worldwide from our base in Cornwall, UK.