Work Experience At n-Coders

A first week at n-Coders

I chose to come to n-Coders for work experience as I have had an interest in the production IT related products, such as software and games, for a large portion of my life.

The first project I was given was to make a simulator for a cardiowall where games could be easily designed and tested before being programmed into the real thing. Due to the fact that I had already had at least 2 years prior experience in games design, it wasn’t too difficult to start helping with the first stages of programming. After 2 days of of this, I moved to the making and animating of the objects which would be needed for the final product. This was a good experience as this is a skill I have never worked on seriously before, and it showed me the requirements necessary to produce assets which can be easily loaded into a game engine and then manipulated with code.

After we had finished that, I spent my last 3 days on a similar project. This was also meant to be a simulator which could be used to test games, but this time it was for a product designed exclusively for a trampoline park. This meant more modelling and the use of Unity’s physics engine. For this I was working only on the models, then the importing of them. The short time frame meant that this could not be finalized and polished unlike the previous project, but I did learn a lot more, again, about animations as well as the management of their different states and the textures for them.

Overall, the experience offered at n-Coders was very helpful. It gave a proper insight into how a commission in IT is made into a product, and how this is done in the industry. Everything I gained from this will definitely support me in the future when I, hopefully, have a profession in IT.