Case Studies

n-Coders have worked with a wide range of clients and technologies. At our core, we are a business automation company that focuses on optimising business to operate more efficiently. We’ve compiled a small sample of our projects below as in-depth case studies.

Pendennis Shipyard

We were approached by Pendennis Shipyard as they were finding their process of tracking and planning the time of their trade workers quite laborious. After having used multiple off-the-shelf solutions that failed to meet their needs, it was envisioned by having one unified system to simplify their business.

Our solution was to build one custom front end with a database that acted as a single interface to their various time tracking systems; this allowed us to keep their tried and tested back-end systems, while making it much easier to use, and giving them the option to add additional functionality.

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Rugged Interactive

We first got introduced to Rugged Interactive after working on a similar electronics design project; they’re are becoming a world leader in interactive gym equipment used to top athletes due to their stunning performance measuring.

R.I. has a range of products each with different functionality, and it’s our job to help them move forward with additional games, software improvements and continuous maintenance and feature development.

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Less4Spares are a local company that imports stock from Europe and sell to the U.K. They had tried several off the shelf stock control systems with various types of scanners, but found them all too complicated to use.

We worked in an Agile fashion to built them a fully bespoke system in approximately ten weeks. There was not a single button on the system that was not needed for their business, making it a fantastic tailored system.

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n-Coders has worked with ChangeCourse, an upcoming training and rehabilitation platform being deployed through the UK’s prison system, to develop and implement a customised piece of software to power their core business that is secured and robust enough to be authorised for use in the justice system.

Our project leads us down the path of developing a stunning application in accordance with their budget to suit their needs perfectly to allow their business to operate and make sales.

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