Change Course came to us wanting a online platform for training people whereby they watch videos, answer questions about the video and see their results all as part of a rehabilitation program. In this case whilst they felt that they needed something very bespoke, we were able to provide them with almost an out of the box system as our product “The Logistics Engine” already has a training module.

We felt that it was important to treat the project as a bespoke one, as the client provided us with quite detailed mock-ups of how the entire application should look and feel. The first stage was to walk through the mock-ups with the client to ensure that there no unnecessary steps included (or steps missing). We also asked questions about the types of people taking the training courses so that we could ensure that the database could support their needs. Following that, there was a 3-4 day period where we built the application and deployed it to a development server for the client to feedback, allowing it to be a very iterative process.


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