Rugged Interactive

Rugged Interactive use a wide range of technologies in their systems. We started working with Rugged Interactive several years ago on their Cardiowall and Pro-X range of products. They are used in gyms, hospitals, schools and trampoline parks. To begin with, for their network enabled products we helped them to develop and implement their web based User Interfaces. Their designers provided us with very detailed mock-ups of the screen layout, and we had to implement those precisely and test functionality to ensure that performance was acceptable.

As with many clients, the nice user facing changes are only possible because of the back-end infrastructure work that is always ongoing. This includes:

  • Work towards on common code base for all software
  • Upgrades of underlying frameworks, operating systems and supporting packages.
  • Maintaining the software in version control
  • Development of automated tests
  • Maintenance of build servers and deployment processes

n-Coders have been a real asset to Rugged Interactive, they’ve always strived to adapt and meet our often conflicting and unreasonable requests as well as our immovable timescales. I’d recommend them to anyone looking for adaptable and high quality software engineers.

Simon Heap

Managing Director

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