We take pride in every project we work on. Explore a small sample of the projects we’ve been involved with or take a deep dive into some of our case studies with a select few of our partnerships.


Pendennis Shipyard

n-Coders partnered with Pendennis Shipyward to design and implement a new time-sheet application. With a new tailored user interface, this system integrated flawlessly with existing systems at Pendennis, simplifying the process of managing time-sheets.



We have worked with Netbooster to perform critical maintenance on existing software systems, as well as providing software integration services and application development to improve the efficiency of their company operations.

energy light bulbs

Energy Light Bulbs

Our project in conjunction with Energy Light Bulbs resulted with a feature packed tailored stock control system being deployed to live operation, providing barcode scanners and website integration services to help them better manage their stock.

rugged interactive

Rugged Interactive

n-Coders have partnered with Rugged Interactive since 2014, developing a suite of embedded new games in a memory limited PIC environment and performing going maintenance of existing systems.

vision financial planning

Vision Financial Planning

During our time working in partnership with Vision Independent Financial Planning, we developed numerous bespoke applications to suit their requirements, allowing them to function more optimally with less wait time.

less 4 spares


Our project Less for Spares resolved their issue of finding off the shelf stock control system that was simple to use. We provided them with a completely bespoke, featured packed stock control system with hardware barcode scanners.



Throughout our time working with Capersidate, we were tasked with developing a bespoke CV and job application management software with incorporated automated processing to make save time and money.

cornwall farmers

Cornwall Farmers

n-Coders had the privilege of working with Cornwall Farmers to provide a complete solution that integrated with their systems to allow for seamless product tracking and label management.


24:7 Booking

n-Coders provided continuous software maintenance and server administration for 24:7 Booking, allowing for improved uptimes and website availability by using our internal tools, ensuring the site is viewable at all times of the day.

emote robotics

Emote Robotics

The project that was undertaken in partnership with Emote Robotics was a fun one, developing software to embed into a talking teddy-bear. Incorporating intuitive interaction and processing to make it as realistic as possible.



Utilising the latest technologies, we developed a custom application for ChangeCourse to be deployed throughout the UK prison system, requiring security and specification precision, to provide the core to their business operations.

coastline travel

Coastline Travel

Our continued works with Coastline Travel include a custom CRM solution and personnel management application, designed in Angular; the software is designed to provide the utmost efficiently improvement to their business.


Tamar Crossings

Working directly with the team at Tamar Crossings, we crafted a custom Human Resources application to reduce administration overhead by significantly reducing the amount of time required to be spent performing common tasks within their offices.

cornish food box

The Cornish Food Box Company

n-Coders has worked closely with Cornish Food Box for a few years, providing them with a bespoke stock control application that is tailored precisely to their requirements and we continue to provide additional feature implementations and software support.

And so many more projects…