Custom CRM Software

We build custom CRM software for businesses. We have done this many times before so can guide you along the journey to get you the perfect application for your business. Our focus is always on developing software alongside the client to put high quality working software in your hands as early as possible. With our continuous development process we deliver new features every day.

A Custom CRM designed for your business

Requirements and interactive mock-ups

The starting point when we create custom CRM software is to get our project manager to determine your requirements and discuss the problems you are trying to solve. We then have a few iterations of building interactive mock-ups to allow you to visualise what you are getting, and to help us understand how you intend to be using the application.

A CRM delivered in stages

We don’t want you waiting months before you can start using the CRM. Even with large projects we want you using it within the first couple of weeks. Of course, after a couple of weeks it probably won’t be complete, but we do want to be delivering useful pieces of functionality every week. It is the role of our project manager to ensure that work is organised to bring you the most benefit as early as possible.

Planning out the development of a custom CRM

Agile Development

We work with weekly sprints to ensure that every week your application gets does more for you. This process works best when the client can sit with us to plan the weeks work.

Reusing what you have

Your business may currently be using Access databases, or maybe a bespoke system that is outdated. To minimise risk, we feel that it’s important to use these as much as possible whist transforming your systems.

Automated Testing

It’s important that every week we are moving forward with as few bugs being introduced as possible. To achieve this, with every feature we create automated tests designed to run before we deploy software to you. This greatly improves software quality, and avoids software bugs being introduced.

Agile Development Sprint Planning

CRM Software that automates your business

We can implement anything you wish. If you can describe it, we can implement it and automate it.