Custom Software

n-Coders specialises in custom software that is tailored to your needs precisely and design the perfect system for you and your business. If you’re interested in the software services that we offer, we’ve detailed each one below in a helpful guide for you so that you can be fully prepared before taking on something new and exciting to improve your company!

Development Solutions

programmers laptop

Custom Software Development

We have successfully produced over a hundred bespoke business applications for a range of industries including energy, financial, manufacturing and the leisure industry. With multiple developers skilled in a range of intricate languages and an understanding of many frameworks, we can build you a precision piece of custom software that is not only aesthetically pleasing but responsive and crafted just for you and your company.

Pay per week developers or pay per project, whatever your working style, build your team of professional developers today.

Pay Per Week Pricing

Our pricing model is ideal for continual software maintenance and development on existing projects that do not require initial project planning and where continual releases are preferable.

Gradual DevelopmentStandard DevelopmentRapid Development
Intended Use CaseDesigned for slow paced software development projects that are not time critical. Great for the occasional feature request or bug fixes on non-production software.Designed to suit most software projects where frequent features and bug fixes are expected. With higher levels of output, production applications can be catered for.Designed for projects that require a high level of output, fast paced development to allow for lots of changes where the software is public facing and mission-critical.
Cost Per Week£1500£1750£2250
Dedicated Account ManagerNoYesYes
Developer Assignment1 x Developer1 x Senior Developer1 x Developer, 1 x Senior Developer
Development OutputLowModerateHigh
Development QualityHighHighHigh

Pay Per Week Examples

Ideal for new or existing software projects that require initial consultation, planning, interface design and testing in preparation for a release.

Project Type ExamplesProject Budget EstimatesProject Timeframe Estimates
Proof of concept, Plug-In or Simple Tool£2K – £10K1 to 6 weeks
Project Takeover£10K – £75K6 weeks to 6 months
Small to Medium Sized Business Application, Complete Custom Toolset£25K – £250K4 to 12 months
Advanced Multi-Platform Corporate System£150K- £500K6 to 18 months

Embedded Software Development

We have considerable experience in working with embedded systems, including automotive, mobile telephones, set-top-box and digital televisions and data loggers and electronic toy products. n-Coders partner with electronics design companies meaning that we can take your idea from concept through to manufacturing.

• With a numerous hardware based technicians, we can carry out prototyping, programming and UI development using many pieces of custom equipment, including Raspberry Pis, Arduinos, PIC and FPGA development boards.

• We can get your project out of the dark ages, allowing for embedded applications to have user interfaces, remote connectivity to servers and cloud based database systems.

custom software for embedded systems

warehouse with self edge labelling and custom inventory management solution

Inventory Management

We’re proud to stay that to date we’ve produced many bespoke inventory management applications, often with custom barcode scanner applications and custom label printing all baked into the project. We have since brought all of these systems into our platform called “Logistics Engine”, which provides a base for companies requiring an inventory management application that is still utterly flexible to your needs and specifications.

• Simple to use, clean design and feature rich to provide you with a custom application experience for off-the-shelf software pricing.

• Integration with a vast array of online shop software, hardware barcode scanners and label printers. With the added bonus of being able to sync seamlessly between your website and on-site EPOS systems.

Bespoke Business Dashboards

We build bespoke dashboards for businesses to allow them to view their company performance in real-time. This data can be presented in any format you wish and displayed on any computer or display. The data displayed can be tailored for the audience with top level management seeing key financial data or workers on the ground seeing progress in a format that gamifies their job.

We work with:

• Microsoft Power-BI

• Google Data Studio

• Completely Bespoke Reports

As we are data and integration specialists, we can almost certainly find ways to report on your data even if it’s not currently online.

bespoke business dashboard

Making systems work together with custom software

Systems Integration

Some clients are happy with the systems they already have in place, they just wish they worked better together. If this sounds like you, then you’re in luck! Our systems integration service can ensure your systems work together seamlessly. By pairing a beautiful custom front end application that links and works flawlessly with existing systems, be it software applications, databases or hardware / machinery. Choose n-Coders today for the complete systems integration solution.

• Save time, money and effort, allowing you to make an extremely rapid return on investment for the software we have created for you. A single interface to control all aspects of your business.

• Integrations available for your existing physical equipment or machinery, phone systems, third-party software solutions and even online websites.