Bespoke Stock Control System


The company had been using various off the shelf stock control systems, but all were causing problems. Since a generic stock control system has to be designed to fit the needs of all businesses, generally they do no fit any one business that well. Wanting to significantly grow their business, they came to n-Coders for a bespoke stock control system with barcode scanner integration that was designed to meet their needs exactly.

The Solution

We worked with them on their specification, and once complete we started to develop the software. Our approach is always to focus on what gives the client the most benefit as soon as possible so that they can start using the system and help shape the software into something that fits their business perfectly. The project took six weeks to complete from inception to delivery.

The Benefit

The system automates a significant part of their business by not only managing stock but automatically generating invoices and supplier orders and allowing staff to track orders from warehouses in Europe to the UK.

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