Bespoke Timesheet Front End


Pendennis builds luxury yachts of the highest order, running multiple projects concurrently at their shipyard in Falmouth. Its central database and business management system manage the workflow of the highly skilled craftsmen crucial to their service, allocating timesheets and overtime to different projects - a complex process consuming a great deal of time.

The Solution

Pendennis asked n-Coders to design a bespoke system that would fit their exact requirements. The result is a timesheet management which provides clarity of the projects as they develop at all levels of management. It enables managers to pre-empt where work surges can occur and where skill shortages might crop up.

The Benefit

Pendennis estimates that this process improved efficiency by around 25%: managers at all levels have a greater granularity of the complexities of timesheet management and forward planning has been simplified as has tracking of work completed.

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