Cornwall Farmers


Cornwall Farmers needed a bespoke Shelf Edge Labelling system to allow much faster setup of new stores. They needed to be able to scan a product, and via a mobile printer linked to the scanner via Bluetooth print of a label containing a barcode, price and product description. Ongoing, they wanted to use the system to be able to perform manual counts via the handheld scanner.

The Solution

Our solution was to provide them with Motorola HHT scanners running bespoke software and mobile printers. Using the scanners, staff simply scanned a product barcode and then they were able to instantly print off a number of Shelf Edge Labels.

The Benefit

The immediate benefit was that staff are able to very quickly generate Shelf Edge Labels and setup a new store. The staff are using the scanners to easily to get product information simply by scanning the product barcode, or searching for a product on the scanner.

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