Two Financial Services


Two Financial Services are a company that had grown rapidly offering bespoke debt advice to consumers, they had struggled to find a system that allowed them to interact with clients and advise them compliantly under the new directives issued by the FCA. As such they were faced with having to try and juggle three systems which still did not allow the advice call to be completed to standard. There were also issues with managing enquiries effectively in a regulated environment which was leading to time being consumed by employees un-necessarily. The firm was also concerned at the potential for mis-advice due to multiple systems being used and the lack of adequate control measures, as there was nothing on the marketplace that suited the needs of the firm it was decided to build their own.

The Solution

Our first task was to create a CRM that combined all of the functionality of the existing systems but allowed one single access advice tool, but one that would be owned by Two Financial and would therefore not have multiple subscription charges. The system we built around their design brief allowed for enquiries to be received, managed and then compliantly advised all within the same system and client journey. Through the integration of API technology enquiries were fed directly to advisors who could then assist with advice, by putting a decision making algorithm behind the advice process as part of the design intellect the risks of inaccurate advice were reduced significantly as the firm was able to control the advice offered by its advisors.

The Benefit

Two Financial Services now have a completely bespoke CRM and business management tool that allows agents to compliantly advise and process significantly more cases each week, and managers to have greater insight into the business, the firm also has adequate security measures in place to satisfy regulatory requirements and protect consumers as part of the treating clients fairly initiative.

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