Embedded Software Development

At n-Coders we have embedded software developers who specialise in embedded systems development.

Embedded Software Development

At n-Coders we have a significant amount of experience working with embedded systems. We Have worked on such projects as mobile phones, digital television, set-top boxes and embedded applications for high end automotive manufacturers.

Our clients are often manufacturers of electronic devices, and we work with them to add internet capabilities, linking them to servers, and building web control portals. In addition we have considerable experience of using Linux on embedded systems, and creating custom user interfaces for embedded products.

Where electronic design services are required, we partner with a specialist company to be able to offer a complete design and build package. This often starts with the construction of prototypes, with a roadmap to commercial product launch.

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Our embedded software engineers have years of experience designing
and building bespoke solutions for all sectors and businesses:
  • Experience of a wide range of products, from mobile phones to automotive
  • Experts in porting open source solutions to embedded systems
  • User interfaces that are simple to use and just work
  • Electronics prototyping - from ideas to prototypes in a few weeks

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Our skills

settings_input_compositeEmbedded Software Development

We have a huge amount of experience developing software for embedded systems, including products such as digital TV and mobile telephones. Recent projects have included bespoke stock control systems, factory monitoring systems, as well as bespoke electronics for educational toy products.

settings_input_svideoElectronics Prototyping

Do you have an idea that also needs electronics as well as software? Using devices such as the Arduino and the Raspberry Pi we can have a professionally boxed working prototype made in just a few weeks.

view_quiltUser Interface Implementation

We can implement user interfaces for your product that allow for easy control and reporting. We can integrate the user interface with your software, and optimise to give good performance on low spec hardware.

webIntegration with Web Applications

As well as developing software for embedded systems, our skills with systems integration, cloud servers and web technologies mean that we can get your systems online and create beautiful user interfaces for reporting and control.

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