Embedded Software

We are specialists in embedded software development. From design through to prototyping and manufacture, we work with collaboratively with our clients to transform their ideas into reality. Our embedded software engineers create fast and highly efficient code and our team of dev-ops engineers and testers ensure that we continuously deliver high quality software that is well documented.

PIC development board running embedded software

Embedded Software for PIC Devices

We are experts at developing software for use in PIC devices. From code to drive displays of any type through to networking and audio devices. Whatever you want to do with a PIC, we can do it!

Raspberry Pi for embedded software prototyping

Embedded Systems Prototyping

Off the shelf single board computers such as Raspberry Pis and Arduinos can be a great way to quickly prototype more complex embedded software. These boards can be perfect when the focus is on the high level features such as user interfaces and connecting with online services.

If required, we can create custom interface boards, allow the single board computer to control almost any type of device.

Production PCB for commercial quality embedded software

Embedded Systems Testing

For a product to be a commercial success it needs to be reliable and be as low-cost as possible. We can work with you to achieve an efficient, low-cost design that is future-proof.

We create custom test applications for use in manufacturing environments. These software tools can significantly reduce manual testing effort, and ensure that every shipped product is perfect.

It’s only when a product has a become a commercial success that the benefits that come from a good design are realised. This makes general maintenance, changes, updates and system management easy to perform.