Embedded Software Development

We are specialists in embedded software development, from design through to prototyping and manufacture we can help to turn your idea for a product into reality. As well as being expert low level developers that create fast code on resource limited devices, we can also create beautiful user interfaces and put your products online.

PIC development board running embedded software

Embedded Software for PIC Micro-controller

PIC micro-controllers are often an excellent low cost solution for use in electronic systems. We are very experienced in using them, and interfacing them with various systems.

We can use PIC devices to drive displays, interface with external peripherals such as lights, switches, SD cards, networking and audio devices. Whatever you want to do with a PIC, we can do it!

Our software developers are experienced in producing efficient C code, and the data structures and optimisations required to get the very most of limited memory devices. Working with our dev-ops engineers, build, deployment and automated test procedures can be put in place for maximum efficiency and quality..

Raspberry Pi for embedded software prototyping

Embedded Systems Prototyping

Single board computers can be a good and inexpensive way of prototyping more complex embedded systems whee you want to focus on the higher level features of the system such as including user interfaces and connecting with online services.

We can use our experience of servers and databases to link these devices with custom web applications, allowing these boards to be viewed, controlled and updated remotely.

Production PCB for commercial quality embedded software

Through to commercial product

For a product to be viable it has to be as reliable and low-cost as possible. We can help you to achieve an efficient, future-proof design that is easy to manufacture and assemble.

We can create diagnostic test tools and design automated testing strategies with reporting software for use in the manufacturing environment to ensure that every shipped product is working 100% reliably.

It is often only when a product has a become a commercial success that the benefits of laying good foundations are realised, with general maintenance, changes, updates and system management being easy.