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We’re a software and game development company specialising in immersive XR technologies based in Cornwall.

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Embedded Systems



Embedded Systems


Embedded systems development has been a part of n-Coders DNA for a decade, making us an ideal partner for custom hardware and embedded development. 

We work with companies to develop for game and fitness equipment, interactive systems and many IoT devices using a range of processors, microcontrollers and network technologies including Bluetooth, ZigBee and NFC.

N-Coders Logo

Embedded development

IoT Devices

We design and develop software for internet enabled devices  as well as extending existing systems to have online capabilities.

Cloud and Networking

Our experience with networking technologies , servers and cloud computing allows us to develop online reporting,  diagnostics and remote upgrades to embedded systems.

Real-time Embedded Systems

We have experience working with embedded operating systems and writing software for a range of processors and microcontrollers.

User Interfaces

Our in-house artists and UI experts can create beautiful user interfaces for embedded systems on a range of display devices.

VR Animated Headset

Specialists in immersive virtual reality technologies for gaming, training, business and industry.

App Development Animation

Intelligent, beautiful custom applications for web, desktop and mobile including iOS and Android.

Consultation Animation, Moving Text Boxes

Augmented and mixed reality design and development for web, mobile apps and immersive wearables.

Game Development Animation

Player-centred game design and development for PC, XR and mobile using Unity and Unreal engines.

Embedded Systems Animation

Embedded software for advanced embedded systems, IoT products and bespoke hardware.

Digital Art Animation

3D and 2D digital environments, models, rigging, animation and interactive concepting.

Software Outsourcing Animation

We can assemble specialist developers and dedicated teams tailored for your project.

Product Box Animation

Find out more about our products including VR apps, ERP system and gamification apps.