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We’re a software and game development company specialising in immersive XR technologies based in Cornwall.

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Game Design
& Development



Game Design
& Development


Next-level game design and development outsourcing and co-development for mobile, PC and virtual reality. Short-term projects or long-term partnerships.

We launch our own player-centred immersive games under our brand, Robot Knight, for VR and mobile.

Full-cycle game design and development

Game Design

Analysis, GDD, narration and game mechanics design. 

Art & Animation

Game UI/UX, 2D & 3D digital art, rigging and animation. 

Full-Cycle Development

Experienced Unity and Unreal cross-platform development team.


Server architecture, QA testing, publishing and analytics.

Game Design & Development Outsourcing & Co-Development

Our game design and development outsourcing is available for small projects or features through to full-cycle game design, development and publishing. 

We create cross-platform games for mobile, PC, VR and console using Unity and Unreal game engines. 

We’re experienced in designing and developing serious games and gamified experiences for PC, mobile and VR. 


Game Design

Our talented game designers can research, concept and create detailed game design documents, analysis, mechanics and level design.

Game Development

Unity and Unreal experts developing from initial concepts through to polished games for mobile, PC, console and VR. Teamed up with our digital artists we can offer full game development services. 

Publishing & Maintenance

We’re experienced publishers for mobile, VR and PC. Our maintenance can include everything from bug fixing, server maintenance and developing new features. 

Agile & Scrum Process

Flexible & Customer-Centred Processes

Flexible, adaptive and always evolving. Focusing on continuous collaboration and regular deployments of working software.


n-Coders Game Team

Game design and development from our dedicated outsourcing team. Our team comprises:

    • Expert developers in Unity and Unreal-Engine
    • Artists, 3D Modellers and Animators
    • UI and UX Creatives
    • Project Managers and Game Producers
    • System administrators and Build Engineers
    • Software Testers
    • QA Engineers


Robot Knight Game Studio

We design, develop and publish our own games under our partner company, Robot Knight Game Studio. 

Video of a mars rover appearing and moving on the surface of mars
VR Animated Headset

Specialists in virtual and augmented reality technologies for gaming, training, business and industry.

App Development Animation

Intelligent, beautiful custom applications for web, desktop and mobile including iOS and Android.

Software Outsourcing Animation

We can assemble specialist developers and dedicated teams tailored for your project.

Game Development Animation

Player-centred game design and development for PC, XR and mobile using Unity and Unreal engines.

Embedded Systems Animation

Embedded software for advanced embedded systems, IoT products and bespoke hardware.

Digital Art Animation

3D and 2D digital environments, models, rigging, animation and interactive concepting.

Consultation Animation, Moving Text Boxes

Consultation, all phases of product development and speaking at events.

Product Box Animation

Find out more about our products including VR apps, ERP system and gamification apps.