Inventory Management Systems

We create advanced Inventory Management systems that are very easy to use and integrate with scanners and EPOS systems. We can often link this system with your website and other internal systems. Whilst our solutions are always fully customised, they are based on our own platform which means that we can deliver projects in relatively short timescales.

Warehouse with barcoded items for inventory management system

Feature Rich System

Often businesses come to us having already tried several inventory management systems and found them to be difficult to use. Our solution is feature rich and designed to be easily customised.

We can configure it to work with most types of label printers. The system includes a barcode scanner application that works with both Android, Windows and gun type scanners. Its other features are:

  • Customisation service to meet your exact requirements
  • No limitations on number of users, SKUs, or locations
  • Reports can be tailored for your business
  • Print barcode labels in any format you wish
  • Fully integrates with all your existing business systems
  • Flexible deployment for on-site or cloud
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Barcode Scanner Application

We can provide you with an easy to use barcode scanner application that can be customise for your needs, including tailoring of the interface.

Using our scanner application, a user can:

  • Perform manual counts and stock-takes
  • Check or update the price of a product
  • Can be used to locate products
  • Check stock in and out
  • Pair the scanner with a mobile printer
Shelf edge labelling produced by inventory management system

Inventory management system linked to EPOS system

EPOS Software

We can provide you with an easy to use, online management system that synchronises data with your in store checkout terminals.

This management system allows you to remotely manage your products and prices, and view sales across all of your locations in real time.

Integrating inventory management system with other systems

Website Integration

Our engineers can make all of your systems work together seamlessly, taking all of the work out of selling your products online.

As part of the integration service, we can also automate various tasks such as data synchronisation, and sending emails when particular events occur.