Our Culture

We are here to create amazing software. To achieve this, we need the best people. We want to come in to work each day, work with great people, deliver amazing results and have happy clients.

Team Players

The staff that at n-Coders all go above and beyond for their colleagues to promote a great workplace experience, resulting in greater internal productivity. Putting team members first, proactively and openly sharing information to build team spirit and to ensure that everyone is up to date and on the same page to provide mutual support – not just with customer projects but also on a personal level.

Motivated People

n-Coders is comprised of a small team of passionate developers and managers, all of whom take their role within a software and technology company seriously. We find that the best developers are often those who take their can-do mentality out of the office by learning and improving their skill set in their own time, having a motivated mentality often means that projects can take less time due to continued personal development.

Great Communicators

When you get in touch, you expect a professional and rapid response. Each and every member of staff at n-Coders have the capacity to be able to communicate directly with our customers due to their excellent written communication skills. By ensuring that the staff we employee are honest, we expect that in any communication with our customer they’re full transparent to provide an enjoyable experience when contacting us.

Exceptional People

Our team treat their job as more than just a position that they have to attend between the hours of 9 to 5, they value the development of the company, the quality of the work that they do and that the customer is completely satisfied, even delighted with the work that gets delivered from the office.

We are a team, and we succeed together as a team. We are looking for people that want to join our company to make a difference. Ideally you will be able to demonstrate previous excellence. We are always looking for people who share our values to join us. We come to work, we get the job done, and hopefully we have fun and learn from others whilst doing it. We don’t want rules, policy documents or heavy processes, and for this to be possible we need professional people that just know what is right.

Although qualifications are certainly desirable, above all we are looking for driven people that want to make a difference.