Your business is your area of expertise; however, this can mean a tried and tested approach has been built-up that has not adapted to take advantage of modern technological processes and equipment. By working with you, we can identify shortfalls and streamline your business, with a structured approach.

Our Process.

Project Starting Stages

Every business is unique and in order to ensure that the processes and technologies that are advised to optimise your business are best suited, we start by assessing your business in its entirety. This means we look at your production processes, marketing, sales, financial processes, management systems and costs. Weighing these processes against your business aims, we will produce a report identifying wasted efforts and costs and advise solutions.

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Understanding The Problem

We are focused on achieving return on your investment (ROI), with an aim to make an immediate, positive impact on your business operation in the short term and overall savings in both time and money in the long term. As part of the assessment of needs, we will outline where the immediate benefits can be found and where larger investments can be realised when continuing to work alongside us. Optimisation is putting in effort to allow future effort to have a greater impact, so we never suggest something you don’t need.


Thoughtful In-depth Planning and Review

Once an understanding of how your business works is reached, we produce an “optimisation roadmap”, working with you to ensure our assessment of your domain is accurate and listing the technologies and/or processes that can provide the efficiencies that lead cost saving. Core aims of optimisations will be to induce savings in both time and money.

Helpful Support

Investment, both in terms of time and money can be costly and so planning is conducted with the budget in mind. Solutions will be tailored to have a value rating, where the most cost-effective approaches will be weighed against the size of the impact to your business to plan the best route for the current budget. We produce a report on the potential approaches to optimisation, allowing you to plan the needed changes to your business’s future, and during each step of optimisation we support you through the provision of consultation, software and equipment.

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Simplistic User Interface Design

When the roadmap is agreed, the required solution can be designed, whether this be software to aid management of accounts / report on sales, the introduction of a hardware solution to manage stock to prevent waste, or even the creation of a bespoke application to prevent continual fees from third-party software products.

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Tailored To You

The design is tailored to provide optimisation alongside your business needs and once we agree a design together, we will work tirelessly to ensure it is implemented as expected. Our team is driven by the desire to turn your vision into reality and love seeing the savings that come from the implementation of our proposals.


Meticulous Development

A methodical and iterative approach is taken to provide the working solution, allowing modular improvements to business practices, while preventing disruption to business operations. A flexible approach means that minor beneficial improvements can added to provide immediate impact to your business, while working towards larger changes that lead to your perfect, optimised solution.

Small but Big

This is where the work pays off and the fruits of the labour are realised. Little changes that make a big impact to how the efficiencies of your business can be increased. Each modular implementation will aim to make your business a little more efficient each time, while working toward your perfect system, and if the perfect solution doesn’t yet exist, we can create it for you.


Critical Eye Testing

Key to a reliable and trusted solution that works for a business, is in testing. By keeping deliveries small and ensuring that they are robust, while also ensuring the deliverable provides a benefit to your business means that improvements can be deployed while preventing damage or delays to your business’s day-to-to operations.

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Ensuring Perfection

Your solution has got to work right for you and must work right for your business, and so putting time into testing the deployed solutions is core to our delivery. We pride ourselves on a solution that is robust, useable, intuitive and works for the business and the employees who use it!

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Final Project Deployment

Once tested to ensure quality, the solution can be deployed to your business. Once the impact is seen, a measurable and noticeable impact should be seen. It is at this point the “User experience / impact” can be studied and the solution tailored or refined as needed or desired.

Simplicity is Released

Whether a single module of improvement or an end-to-end system of optimised process, the deployment is the moment where your savings through investment start to be realised. We aim to prevent the disruption of any current businesses as little as possible to enable trade to continue and the business to work while our solution is being implemented.

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