Why Choose Us

n-Coders is software company based in Truro, England. We specialise in automation, optimisation and helping businesses to become more efficient. We achieve this using technology, custom software and systems integration.

Your in house software team

At the start of the project we get to know your business as well as you and your team do. We want to know what you consider your biggest problems to be, so that we can focus on solving those problems first. Close collaboration is very important to us, as we want the development process to be open and for you to be happy with progress.

All of our staff are professionals

Most software projects require a wide variety of specialised skills. From system architects through to account managers and project managers, we select the very best people in order to make your project a success. We want you to think of us as the best software company you could ever work with. Our team care about putting the client first, doing things right, and are driven by your success.

A software company that delivers value

We are driven by your success

Our projects are carefully planned to give you the best possible return on investment, as soon as possible. Using Agile development processes allows us to provide you with useful software early on in development. This will free up your time to help us further develop your application.

We don’t see your project as an intellectual exercise in what can be done with software. Our focus is on solving your problems as efficiently as possible. We don’t re-invent the wheel, we would much rather use what’s already available to give you the most cost effective solution.

The software company with the skills to develop the best solutions.

Wide range of skills

Our development team is experienced in a wide range of programming languages and technologies. This combined with our development processes makes us the best team to successfully deliver software projects. Our project management team will work with you to choose the best technologies for your project.