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We’re a software and game development company specialising in immersive XR technologies based in Cornwall.

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Software Outsourcing



Software Outsourcing


At n-Coders we can assemble expert dedicated teams for your project or provide you with specialist developers to work within your organisation.

Increase efficiency, ensure you’re accessing the right specialists that are continuously trained and remove the risk of using in-house development. 

N-Coders Logo

Teams for Projects

Our short-term team can be commissioned for one-off projects, software prototyping and concepting.

Using Agile methodologies we ensure that we are continuously delivering working software to our clients to add value at the earliest opportunity.

We’re one of the only immersive specialists in Cornwall that offer software and game development outsourcing for short-term projects. 

Ongoing Partnerships

For long-term projects requiring ongoing maintenance and stability we offer dedicated teams hand-picked for your project.

Most software projects require a range of skills and specialisms. Using our expertise we will recruit and onboard dedicated specialists to your project whilst providing them with regular training and the best equipment and support to be efficient for your business.



Talented Teams

Our team is always evolving and growing with talented people. We invest in our team through dedicated training pathways, ongoing development and nurturing talents.

Our talented software team includes:


Software Developers & Engineers


Game Developers & Unity/Unreal Specialists


Artists, Animators & UI/UX Experts


System Administrators & Build Managers


Service Delivery & Support Managers


Project & Account Managers

Build Your Team

We believe in transparency on pricing and so developed a team compiler with pricing. Discounts are available for long-term partnerships and repeat clients. 

VR Animated Headset

Specialists in virtual and augmented reality technologies for gaming, training, business and industry.

App Development Animation

Intelligent, beautiful custom applications for web, desktop and mobile including iOS and Android.

Software Outsourcing Animation

We can assemble specialist developers and dedicated teams tailored for your project.

Game Development Animation

Player-centred game design and development for PC, XR and mobile using Unity and Unreal engines.

Embedded Systems Animation

Embedded software for advanced embedded systems, IoT products and bespoke hardware.

Digital Art Animation

3D and 2D digital environments, models, rigging, animation and interactive concepting.

Consultation Animation, Moving Text Boxes

Consultation, all phases of product development and speaking at events.

Product Box Animation

Find out more about our products including VR apps, ERP system and gamification apps.