Systems Integration

Our systems integration specialists can put technology to use for you to have all of your systems work seamlessly together. Whether you are running a CRM or ERP system, a website or even equipment in a retail outlet or factory, by linking your systems together and synchronise your data to make your organisation run more efficiently.

Scripting automation and systems integration

Automation Scripts

We can create scripts for automating tasks that can be manually repetitive. Perhaps your employees are constantly having to download data from various sources and then having to check and modify the data. Maybe they are frequently having to check prices of products online. All of these tasks can be easily automated, and made to be background tasks. Our aim is to put your computers to the maximum possible use, allowing you and your staff to focus on running the business.

Shops, warehouses and websites

We can perform systems integration work on all of your retail components, from EPOS and barcode scanners through to website, inventory management and order management system. This can streamline the whole process allowing sales and orders to be processed efficiently and the website can accurately reflect what you have in stock.

Efficient call centre with integrated systems

Call centres

We have considerable experience of installing, configuring, and maintaining call centres, as well as fully integrate them with your existing business software. This. Allowing calls to be automatically routed through to the most suitable agent, permit call monitoring and to track and display the individual performance of your agents. With custom dashboards, and Google Analytics integration, it becomes possible to measure the effectiveness of marketing campaigns and how they result in more calls to your business, and to gamify the agent performance.

Custom Front-ends

Maybe your employees are having to sign into several different platforms to manage the information needed to to their job. We can integrate all of these systems together under one custom front-end, that is easy to use designed specifically for your business.