Systems Integration

Our systems integration specialists can put technology to use for you and make all of your applications and systems work seamlessly together. We can connect your CRM application or ERP system, website, telephone system and even equipment in a retail outlet or factory. With all of these systems communicating with each other, your organisation will run much more efficiently.

Scripting automation and systems integration

Automation of Manual Tasks

If your employees are doing repetitive work on computers, these manual tasks can almost certainly be automated, lowering the cost of running your business. Our aim is to fully automate your business by starting with the tasks that take the most time. This gives you and your staff more time to focus on running the business.

Connecting Shops, Warehouses and Websites

When we start working with you, we will map out solution to integrate all of your retail components. From to barcode scanners and printers, through to inventory management and order management systems. Our streamlining of your entire sales process minimises your workforce effort and cost, and enables your systems to accurately reflect what you have in stock.

Efficient call centre with integrated systems

Contact Centre Integration

We have considerable experience of setting up call centres and integrating them with existing software systems. By providing bespoke dashboards, we can measure everything allowing rapid optimisation of your business.

Custom Front-ends

We build custom front-end applications that are designed specifically for your business. This allows for management the entire business from a central location without replacing your existing software systems. A custom front-end designed for your business can greatly increase the efficiency of your business and reduce staff training time.