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We’re a software and game development company specialising in immersive XR technologies based in Cornwall.

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Virtual Reality,
Augmented Reality
& Immersive Technology



Virtual Reality,
Augmented Reality
& Immersive Technology


Expert virtual reality, augmented reality and immersive technology development. 

Curators of immersive experiences, we work with businesses to offer insights, consultations and development in immersive technologies. 

Our dedicated immersive team are experts in the design and development of apps, games and experiences for virtual reality, augmented reality and all extended reality technologies. 

Virtual Reality

The ultimate immersive experience without boundaries.

Developing virtual reality applications for Meta Oculus Quest, Steam VR and HTC Vive from the intial product design stage through to launch and ongoing development.

We’re able to consult on advanced VR applications including custom controls, full body tracking and hand tracking for the most immersive and accessible experience.

For Simulation & Training

Safe and controlled digital environments that simulate tasks that would be difficult or costly in real life. 

We’ve developed a Fire Extinguisher Training VR app for Oculus Quest 2 which with thousands of downloads is transforming the way people train. 

For Games

Alongside our partner company, Robot Knight, we develop and publish games for VR. Focusing on harnessing the best in immersion and storytelling, our VR games transport players to digital worlds.

For Experiences

Transport users to a different place or time, fictional or real. Virtual reality allows for limitless experience to immerse users in the story.

Augmented Reality

The blend of virtual and real worlds.

Augmented reality is a blending of the digital and physical worlds, often through a digital overlay of a real-world environment in real-time. We’re skilled AR specialists, developing AR apps, games and experiences for mobile, web and wearables.

We’ve developed a free augmented reality app for iOS and Android called Cornwall Explorers. Designed to be fun, engaging and player-centred, Cornwall Explorers immerses users in a digital treasure hunt, unearthing the heritage, history and amazing places Cornwall has to offer.

AR Apps

For iOS and Android, AR apps are a great way to add engagement and immersion to an experience or game. Our immersive technology developers team up with our cross-platform app developers to create creative apps for mobile devices.

AR Wearables

Offering a hands-free innovative way to experience augmented reality. We have a Microsoft Hololens available in the office for demonstration and development, free to hire for our customers. 

Web AR

An app-free version of augmented reality, loading the experience right in the web browser. Ideal for quick experiences without the need for app downloads. 

Mixed Reality & Immersive Media

Experience the extension of augmented reality.

Mixed reality is an extension of augmented reality, offering a more immersive experience through interaction between the real and virtual environments.

Immersive media integrates other areas of innovative technology including camera tracking, facial recognition and voice control in creative applications.

Fire Extinguisher Training VR

Safe and cost-effective training VR solution

Designed, developed and published by n-Coders, VR Fire Extinguisher Training is available now on Meta Labs.

Learn the correct useage of fire extinguishers and test in realistic simulations using the power of virtual reality.

VR Animated Headset

Specialists in virtual and augmented reality technologies for gaming, training, business and industry.

App Development Animation

Intelligent, beautiful custom applications for web, desktop and mobile including iOS and Android.

Software Outsourcing Animation

We can assemble specialist developers and dedicated teams tailored for your project.

Game Development Animation

Player-centred game design and development for PC, XR and mobile using Unity and Unreal engines.

Embedded Systems Animation

Embedded software for advanced embedded systems, IoT products and bespoke hardware.

Digital Art Animation

3D and 2D digital environments, models, rigging, animation and interactive concepting.

Consultation Animation, Moving Text Boxes

Consultation, all phases of product development and speaking at events.

Product Box Animation

Find out more about our products including VR apps, ERP system and gamification apps.